Our Brief

Songshan Lake located in the southern China,the planned area is 72 km². It covers an area of 8 km² of fresh water lake and 14km² of economical greenbelt, is referred to as the pearl in the southern China.

Songshan Lake ecological landscape, bless- ed with natural resources. Songshan Lake as like a young tenderness maiden who hands the silk to covered her pretty face when smoke and mist in the morning. Mist and ripples when the rainbow appear after the heavy rain. Along the long coast- line,our project is located in this fantastic landscape.

In the bridge however, the waterproof and high brightness
require a unique engineering approach such as the used for the Songshan Lake China

The project held several challenges. The lighting system would have to be highly efficient; The lake have a corporate objective with regard to their consumption of energy.

 What’s more, the essential points for bridge lighting application is the level ranking of waterproof. This is the point of technology.

Another important issue arose at this technology point - The 200 meters approximately bridge is stretch across several pier. Finally,the last point is see the light but not the lighting needed. As a result,a solution design evolved based on the physical oppor- tunity provided by the architecture.

Our Solution

First of all,the illumination should be brightness. The bridge, as the landmark, it should makes us see from a far distance.

We offer the professional waterproof led linear light to displ ay the lighting effect. The linear lighting design for the high-end flexible decora- tion.Especially for the outdoor recreation and commercial application. In this case,our engineer calculate the best suitable height to intro- duce, based on the demand, we offer the different solution for our clients. Totally we use approximately 1,000 pieces 12W LED linear light, we make the utmost of it in every corner.

The SMD LED linear light, with aluminum alloy fixture, die-casting aluminum end cap and structural waterproof. High-intensity tempered cover glass and high transmittance lens, combined with the optical refraction principle design,can reach 90% transmittance.How we do the lights cabling is particularity significant. LED controller is controlled the switch in the led light fixture through the chip processing control. LED controller follow up the predefined program to control the driver circuit in the light fixture to giving the color changing steadily.
As the city lighting, make sure the light source is the eco-friendly and also without glaring. Real Green LED linear light, is real energy-saving and reliable. -20-45℃, is the proper degree centigrade for LED chips. To promise the working electric current will not effect by the external temperature.
The extreme brightness of the led linear light allowed for a design wherein the individual application. The project in which we participated which the second professional led lighting we use is the led guardrail tube. This apply for the bridge handrail. Various transformation effect give us more sense of feeling.

And finally, the lighting system is programmed and operated using the led guardrail tube and LED neon rope light as the decoration. Our LED Neon Flex is a superior safe alternative to traditional neon. It has high output LEDs fully encapsulated in an IP65 exterior that diffuses the light. Its totally safe and requires no special tools to cut, bend or install. They are fixtures, special and appropriate LED lighting for this project.

Our Products

LED Linear Light
Project Type Industrial LED Lighting Commercial Electric 40 in,

LED Linear Light For Outdoor Use -- Super Bright LEDs 24V Extra Low Voltage Operation

Light Source : SMD LED
Input Voltage : DC12-24V
Power : 6W-24W
Beam Angle : 30°-90°
Control Model : SPI/DMX512/Steady