Project Brief

The Beatles is one of the last great “dive bars” in China. It evokes a lot of nostalgia because many local residents have been there for so many years. Some of the regulars said the bar represents the new lifestyle of this city. Anyway, there's something so romantic about darkness and LED neon rope light. And the neon rope light will still play an important role in lighting area.

As a dive bar, beside the comfort relaxing surrounding, a fantastic &romantic decoration illumination is an element that should not be ignored. After being used for years, tradition neon lights faded, meanwhile some of the electric wires exposed  to the air, becoming a harm to people. It is a pleasure that the bar owner authorized us to decorate the bar with our lighting solution to refresh the "old place".

When The Beatles wanted to Illuminate their bar, they chose our LED lights because our lights met all of their strict standard requirement:

● Cost Effective
Save up to 70% electricity
● High CRI
High quality SMD LED CHIP, CRI>80
● Fast Lead Times
7-10 days lead time
● Long Life
Up to 45,000 hours

Our Solution

In order to display our lighting better in the bar, our 8mm Blue Ultra-Thin LED Neon Flex was used for the bar logo, mounted into the shape of logo sign. Usually, the front logo sign of a place is the first eye-catching thing to people. For a good display,  the neon rope light was bent and fastened  according to the logo shape. 8mm is the thinnest size of Neon flex, which enable you to design your logo or doorplate with our instruction, life becomes easy and interesting.

Design Drawing
Approximately 50-70 meters of Neon Flex was used for the bar logo, sized in 4m width x 1m height. Is that all? Of course, not yet. According to safety standard, the outer housing of transformer used with the lights should be protected against rain and thunder; In the mean time, grounding protection device shall be set. The distance from the ground to the protection device should be at least 3m during the outdoor installation.
Our LED Neon Flex is a safe and better replacement be traditional neon. It has high output LEDs fully encapsulated in an IP65 exterior that diffuses the light. Both high and low voltage versions are now available.

In the bar room, the proper lighting illuminance is 100lx approximately, which can offer people inside the bar a brightness surrounding and impressive space for communication and socialization. Now, LED COB downlight and LED neon rope light  become good suggestion for you.

When applying the lighting in you corridor, we would like to suggest that the lighting illuminace be between 75lx-150lx. Even in cold winter, the neon rope light still can resist the low temperature to -30°C; In the other hand, quality lighting can resist the high environment temperature up to 55°C. It is safe, easy and specialized for outdoor decoration purpose.

Even the lights are off, Real Green vivid color neon rope light keeps the exact color you want, making the sign stunning not only at nights but also during the days.

Related Product

SMD2835 LED Neon Strip Rope Light

Voltage: DC24V

Wattage: 5.2W/0.5M

Size: 8*16MM, 5M/Roll

Color: Blue

Control: MeanWell Driver

Smaller than Neon Rope Light, up to 8*16mm

 Ultra-Flexible, unbreakable light body

Eco-friendly with low energy consumption

 Single color or RGB is available

Low voltage with low heat, highly safe