Will the India market surpass the Chinese market?

Will the India market surpass the Chinese market?

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The market you mean is the fiscal revenue or quantities?If you mean the fiscal revenue, the answer is absolutely not yet.As for the quantities,exceed 80 per cent of market requirement is from the bid of government procurement.

How do you think of the technology discrepancy in CSP market with national market?

As for the features of CSP in small size,high current density, so it is spread widely in mobile flash.This is the first step of the CSP in lighting application.But it will featuring with the development of liminous efficacy, the cost-effective flip-chip and the popularization of  surface-mount technology.

Will the India market surpass the Chinese market?


The health lighting features:  Light source stabilty without stroboscopic and radiation


First of all,the chroma of light source should be stable.

Chromaticity strobpscopic will bring by exposure to a certain extent of visual andnon visual impact..

Secondly,is the proper illumination.I use a word of “proper” here cause we should use the lighting based on the different occasion and times.

For instant, in night, a stable soft and low color temperature light source without dazzled is what we real needed. Higher color temperature is 

the proper lighting to enhance the energy concentrate in the workplace.Also in the special occasion such as the adjustment lighting for jet lag 

or the polar deep-sea lighting.For special lighting, it design with special need in brightness and chromaticity.


How about the UV LED market?


UV-A technology is the hot cake right now.Mainly cause by the growing market of printing ink curing. And now, there are two types of 3D printing curing .One is the thermal curing of rigid materials and the others is soft UV curing. As the current UV-A technology is more mature, more and more luminous flux area and intensity, UV curing has come from behind the trend, which is the future of UV-A great application.As for the UV-C is still trapped in the price and light efficiency, LED replace mercury lamp trend is not very mature, only a small volume of sterilization equipment to the UV-C LED, the other is still the world of mercury lamps, so UV There is still some way to go.

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