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Real Green Lighting Company Limited is a professional factory producing LED products. Our factory was established in 2006, covering over 12,000 square meters. Our average turnover of USD 16,000,000US$ per year, we offer high quality products, on time delivery, customer service and logistic support.



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Average turnover per year


Our main markets are Europe, USA, Australia and Japan, products are UL, BS, GS, SAA, UL, CUL, JET approved. Our goal is to build strong and reliable business relationship with business partners, to provide the best benefit to customers.

QC and R&DWe have our own R&D and design Department of 20 colleagues. We do OEM and ODM for customers around the world. Quality control is always strict, becasue quality is life of a factory. We accept the third party inspection to our products, like SGS, CSA.


Professional Shipping ServiceWe have good cooperation with shipping companies, customers don't have to be worried about their shipments. Our shipping department team is professional, able to handle all kinds of shipping documents, customs clearance. One-stop service is available through the whole year.



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