Real Green Lighting Company Limited

   To control the data quality requirement and to achieve the national standard, Real Green implement the QC operation technology and solution.Implementing the quality control is for inspect the process of products manufactured,and in order to eliminate the factors of products in dissatisfaction or disqualification.

   Real Green implement various kinds of operation technology and solution to achieve the quality requirement and obtain economic benefits. Quality check belongs to the quality control series, while, it is the important events.

   Real Green promises that all of our goods are sold after series of quality check.Also, this is the first essential requirement in the quality management. We ensure we will illustrate detailedly the solution took in whole process included material purchased,manufacture, shipment and periodic inspection.

Our QC department:

Highly pay attention by our administrator

Professional quality control personnel

Popularization of staff in quality management

Complete organization in quality control.

In the same while, Real Green broke through the nomination of "City Excellent QC Groups" "City Excellent Quality Groups" and "City Excellent Quality Manufacturer", and was awarded the third prize in the Jiangmen City Excellent QC Groups in 2016. In the recently years, Real Green develop the QC group activities positively, it plays an important role in technology innovation, staff cohesion and stimulation.

Through the mutual endeavor of all staff, Real Green QC group have develop the innovation issue and increase the technology achievement in the recently years. What’s more, we keep increase the technology area and filed to extend the higher range and field.It makes amounts of perceptiveness and practical innovation achievement stand out from this industry. And it plays an key role in the the quality improvement, decrease the energy-consumption and increase the staff consciousness in quality control and quality management. So, we believe Real Green will develop rapidly with the new innovation by the QC group department.

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