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Sustainability Management

Our corporate responsibility for sustainable development is an integral part of our strategy. Organizationally, the interdisciplinary topic of sustainability is directly anchored with senior management via the Chief Sustainability Officer.

Along with our brand and strategy, corporate culture is an integral part of the Real Green Lighting identity. The "Innovative – Respectful – Entrepreneurial" corporate values define our understanding of how we should interact with each other and with others. They are reflected in our daily behavior and in facts and figures that define Real Green Lighting as a business. For us, being innovative means contributing to social responsibility by making our products more energy-efficient. This is also in line with the "Respectful" value which stands for our careful use of resources and which governs our dealings with colleagues, customers, suppliers, investors, and the public. We promote the ability to think as entrepreneurs among all our employees and managers. which motivates us to always give our best to create added value for all stakeholders.


Economy, environment and society

We align our business activities with the three-column model of sustainability and therefore aim to fully integrate sustainable values. This is the only way to achieve sustainable development on an economic, social and environmental level.

Organizationally, the interdisciplinary topic of sustainability is directly anchored with senior management via the Chief Sustainability Officer. The tasks to be performed and the focus issues are developed and prepared by the relevant department - the Corporate Sustainability Office - together with the responsible specialists, and presented and discussed on the Sustainability Council. The latter approves the proposed resolutions on sustainability to be submitted to the Managing Board.

The Sustainability Council is composed of representatives of all business units, as well as the heads of the corporate functions relevant to sustainability. The council is chaired by the Chief Sustainability Officer, and representatives from other relevant functions may also be invited to attend, depending on the issues being addressed and if a particular need arises. The Corporate Sustainability Office is responsible for preparing the Sustainability Council meetings and manages the process of implementing decisions.


Focusing on materiality

To meet our holistic commitment to sustainability and to take a targeted approach despite limited resources, Real Green Lighting launched a comprehensive process through which we intend to ensure that our engagement is concentrated on those areas where we have the greatest possible influence.
This cross-functional and cross-divisional multi-stage materiality process enables us to focus our energies in terms of sustainability management. We can be involved in particular where, as a result of changing markets, changing business models and the broad perceptions of various external stakeholders, we have great responsibility and at the same time have a lever that will allow us to meet these challenges. It allows clear prioritization and enables us to fulfill our role and responsibilities in society and integrate an awareness of sustainability even more forcibly and tangibly in our corporate strategy and day-to-day business processes.
we incorporated external stakeholders in the materiality analysis for the first time, particularly, in relation to the perspective from outside the Company. Representative members of each stakeholder group assessed preselected sustainability topics, and the results were discussed and confirmed by the Sustainability Council.

In the economic dimension, the key topics are:

  • Operational & Brand Excellence
    - Innovation Management
    - Corporate Governance
    In the environmental dimension, the key topics are:
    - Product Responsibility
    - Operational Eco-Efficiency
    - Climate Strategy


From the social perspective, the key topics are:

  • Labor Practices
    - Occupational Health and Safety
    - Human Capital Management


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