Research & Development

With over ten years of technology accumulation and continued devoted, a complete R&D system are built up. Real Green establish the center of light and electric appliance in Jiangmen. We keep bring the trained professional talent in our system, also hire domestic famous lighting expert as the counselor to give a further guidance in lighting area.In the same time,we keep cooperation with Tsinghua University,Fudan University and Harbin Institute of Technology and other famous university to study in development, manufacture and study.

Real Green establish the lighting laboratory in standard.We keep quality check level is in synchronous with international, also the quality is in well and stable.Products manufactured pass rate must be in the average of 99.5%.We insist in using well quality light source, electrical components, raw material, production technology.And the design of light effect require higher than national energy standard.





Real Green Inspection Center of Lighting Source 

Real Green Lighting Company Limited is the national new high-tech enterprise, insisting in the strategy of prospering business based on science and technology. We keep on the cooperation of production-study. With the professional staff keep record and totally complete analysis inspection equipment in technology, quality and process management.We strict according to the ISO9001 quality control system to organize and manufacture. The import of quality,production processes and final goods strict quality inspection implemented,we also with the way of  self-inspection, mutual inspection and routing inspection to enhance the quality. The natioanl first-ranking photoemitter test station established,implement the test and inspection to omnibearing control the quality in well situation.



                                    EM Test Room

                                   Security Labs



        Laboratory combustion equipment combination 

                               SMD Automated assembly line



With the inspection of industry environment, the top-rank LED expert and research development staff, in the mean while, the strong power of technology development and laboratory professional experiment, we keep solve the challenging industry challenge. The investor of Real Green looking ahead to the future while have the same prospect and business goal, promise that we will decrease the damage to the environment.

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