News about the intelligent lighting we facing

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The emergence of Intelligent lighting worried the whole industry line.On the one hand, parts of

Enterprise devote the technology into the development of intelligent lighting like a raging fire; On the other hands,they are also contemptuous of the “fake intelligent”.The intelligent lighting developed from the doubts with difficulty.Till to late last year,a famous company combined a cooperation with Huawei and then peoples are realized the strength compare is started.

Pros and cons of intelligent lighting, quality is the main obstacle.News about the intelligent lighting we facing

The basic essence of intelligent lighting is the system of electronize and networked.Not only 

realized the intelligent control of lighting system but also realized the basic function of automatic 

adjustment and scene illumination.This is the entrance of internet also, it can  generate more 

high-value added service.

The home lighting design is the breakthrogh of intelligent lighting

The data shows that the amount of LED manufacturer almost up to 20,000 highly in 2014.

There is no doubt leads to the situation that all enterprise makes low prices strategy to gain 

this market.Over a year, 4,000 manufacturer withdraw from the market. How about the rest 

of manufacture?What is the leading way?Quality will be the main footstone to gain the LED market.

Only in good quality, can a company go further.

Real Green Lighting Company Limited is the research-based type professional manufacturer.

With abundant research-based technology and over the ten years experience,we become

the most potential LED manufacturer.

The director of Real Green Lighting Company Limited propose that intelligent lighting system 

should be pursue efforts to promote in this year. And the intelligent lighting system program

is popularized in our city recently. Apart from the basic intelligent system control, and also the functions of wifi or others.Clients can custom-made by their requirement.

News about the intelligent lighting we facing    News about the intelligent lighting we facing