News:Marathon Jiangmen 2016

Real Green Lighting Company Limited responded positively and take part in the large-scale 2016 Jiangmen Marathon Competition 

News:Marathon Jiangmen 2016

which theme is Health·civilization·Joyful ".Real Green Lighting hold the idea of environmental-friendly so we enroll in 13rd,Oct,2016.

What’s more, the energy-squad on behalf of Real Green Lighting Company Limited to take part in the mini-marathon program. 

This year is the 4th marathon competition we take part in.Real Green Lighting CO,LTD, cooperate with the Jiangmen Sports Council,Jiangmen 

Housing and urban-rural construction agency,Jiangmen Dailys Official and etc large major enterprise to implement this marathon competition. 

This time we take part in, amounts of wonderful moment we want to discover,record and share.

Groups of marathon amateur run through us when the sun shine on the along river.Actually, the same effect of marathon as commercial business. 

You should consider all the details and also have the ability in general situation control when you want to start a new business.Also, it is same as 

you want to plan the schedule of marathon training.But also,marathon training can train the willpower and the spirit, it will be the soft weapon 

used in the business management in the late future. Real Green the energy-squad is lucky to take part in this activity.The train of marathon also 

train us lively in the aspect of work and daily life. 

” Mileage Numbers change every times by your continuously moving. Day and day training will comes out the miracle.” Said Anne.

News:Marathon Jiangmen 2016

News:Marathon Jiangmen 2016

(Joyful Activities During The Marathon)